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Brief History of Concern Artists of Nimba (CAN)

The concern Artist of Nimba (CAN) was establish on August 29, 2013 by: Michael W. W. Wallace, Siah K. Nyumah and Zack P. Thomas. The organization was first called The Grieved Actors and Actress of Nimba (GAA) and was later change on September 5, 2013 after our first meetings with Liberia Movie Union stick holders of faith Academy High School Campus in Ganta, Nimba County. Our focus was movie artists only so we begin using the name concern Movies Artists of Nimba (C-Man) but later realized that Musicians, Dancers and others Artists have interest in the group. Based upon that the name was change to present CAN.

Our Mission
Our Vision
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Our Achievements


In 2013 we advocated for a New HD Camera that was delivered to Liberia movie Union Nimba Branch.

We conducted training for others artistic talents group around Nimba County to help spread anti Ebola Messages in the county Therefore we help movies group to carry out their recording and gracing others occasions in Bong and Nimba.

Presently conducted artist appreciation program in Ganta Wanting to Achieved.

· All artist of Nimba should be included on the county social development fund

· Companies operating in Nimba should have a county based artists sign.

· Government artists programs should be establish in Nimba county

Code Value
Our Access
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